The poor blade of grass....

Music in its simplest form is unifying and therapeutic, that's what I've always said and it's the truth;

There is close to no better feeling than a late night drum circle in the middle of the night deep in the forest with sometimes in the hundreds of people you don't even know, but somehow you all sustain a near perfect rhythm. 

‚ÄčIt's all we ever need besides food, shelter and sleep. Music. It's something that mends us, it's something that connects us, it's something that soothes us, it's something. For all that is going on in the world I'm sure glad we have music.

Exposure is key

It's funny because this statement rings true for a lot of things in life. Photography, music, food, culture, and among many others things, your passion. 

Give it your all! Don't give up! There is only one person who can make it happen, and that is you. Of course, there are many pieces to a puzzle, but it takes that first piece being laid before it can go anywhere.

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Music in its simplest form is unifying and therapeutic.

It gets water it gets sun,

more often than not, it gets trampled on.

It has a home it has comfort.

It has no feeling so it can't get butt hurt.

Or does it? Is grass emotional too? 

Why not leave the grass alone? Leave it be to extinction sooner rather than later to avoid future suffering from all of that trampling. You plant it from seed, 

then trample firmly with greed.

Oh that poor seed, you ass.

Please don't let it turn into a poor blade of grass.